Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pretty Earrings

I've come across some very pretty earrings for a lovely summer night, or day. Best part is they cost $45 or less. Available now on BananaRepublic.com

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pink and Red

I absolutely love pink and red together. The combination is absolutely gorgeous, like redheads and pink cotton candy all in one!

Photos via itsajaimething.com, Schiaparelli hat boxes/ trouvais.com, Laduree desserts/ annmah.net, table-settings-with-pictures.com, Dior Cherie/ colormehappy.org, Giambattista Valli style.com, Christian Lacroix style.com, design-crisis.com, Tim Walker for Kate Spade

Korea's Boys Over Flower Fashion Styles

Boys Over Flower, Korea's version of Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango has captured the hearts of many Filipinos. I must say that I am one of the viewers who regularly watched their Filipino-dubbed episode everyday. Aside from enjoying the storyline, I also love the fashion styles of the characters in the said tv series. They are so fashion forward and from what I have heard last Saturday, the wardrobe budget spent for the show reached Php 5 Million. According to a local news, the suits and dresses of the characters are designer's clothes and custom-made for each of them to achieve their perfect preppy look.


Here's some of the still images from Boys Over Flowers:


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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Isla Fisher Redhead

I absolutely adore the redheadedness that is Isla Fisher. The super petite actress, who at 33 looks more like a bouncy 18 yr-old, is the very pretty Aussie fiancee of British actor/always in character comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Borat/Bruno/Ali G. Isla Fisher most recently made a big screen splash in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic (and to be honest her Patricia Field- styled wardrobe and redhead perkiness were the only things keeping me from falling asleep thanks to a very lame script which would have been much better off left undisturbed as a book series by Sophie Kinsella). But I digress.... Isla also knows how to make her glorious red mane the spotlight at every event, thanks to amazing redhead color choices both in clothing and makeup. If you happen to be reading this Isla, RedPoppy wants to be your friend!!........

On the set of 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'

With ex-redhead Nicole Kidman

Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher

Photos borrowed from dailymail.co.uk

Friday, June 26, 2009

Twilight's Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Barbie Dolls

Twilight series fans are going crazy over the upcoming "Twilight" Barbie dolls. In this collection, Barbie and Ken will be customized to resemble Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Although the Bella Barbie doll does not exactly look like the Twilight's main character, Barbie will be sporting Bella's famous jeans, sneakers, and gray jacket. On the other hand, the Edward Cullen Collector’s Barbie will have a pale skin and striking eyes.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Flats

The free shipping both ways plus elegant wrapping online shoe retailer Piperlime has some really lovely flats right in time for summer. For all you flat shoe lovers here are some of my favorite picks, available on piperlime.com:

Maloles, Zoe

Vince Camuto, Kimberly

Ciao Bella, gold

Arturo Chiang, Cali

Seychelles, Petticoat

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Remembering Michael Jackson with His Famous Fashion Statements

The King of Pop gave up his throne today. As we remember him, let us look back at his famous fashion statements over the previous years.

During 1980s and 1990s, Michael Jackson was not only considered as a greatest singer of his generation but he was also a fashion trendsetter. His famous fashion statements include sequined gloves, red leather motorcycle jacket, white ankle socks, black fedora and black loafers. He also popularized military-style jacket and aviator sunglasses.

Emma Watson On Teen Vogue August 2009 Issue

Emma Watson was just 10 years old when she played her first Hermione-role in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Now that she's 19, she had grown into a glamorous woman. In the upcoming Teen Vogue magazine, Emma will be on the cover and on some spreads sporting the most sassy outfit she ever had.

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